best nap i ever had

“Don’t let the mixed signals fool you. Indecision is a decision.”
— truth.

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Honey, everything. Every. Thing. Is happening as it should be.

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ready to go to vancouver

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work great for writing

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“When you see love between two persons, something is flowing, moving, changing. When there is love between two persons they live in an aura, there is a constant sharing. Their vibrations are reaching to each other; they are broadcasting their being to each other. There is no wall between them, they are two and yet not two — they are one also.”
— Osho (via lazyyogi)

When you try too hard to be creative, all you get is trying and not much creating. Let go of the trying, let go of the striving, and let the creative thoughts flow.

You are filled with spectacular thoughts and ideas for making life more beautiful and fulfilling. The problem is, most of those ideas never reach the surface because you’re trying so hard to think of other things.

So just ease off the trying and enjoy watching and listening as your thoughts naturally come into your awareness. Instead of getting all uptight with the goal of a particular thought in mind, just pay attention to what your authentic self is telling you.

Before long, if you simply let your thoughts flow, something very useful and appropriate will come along. It will have the added benefit of being elegant and original.

— Mira Kelley